Banana Pi / Arch Linux / PSX emulation

Yes, it’s possible to emulate PSX games on the Banana Pi. Although there might be games, where you better use the original console, it seems that the BPi is able to run a lot of games surprisingly good using PCSX-ReARMed. Software You can build a PCSX standalone or libretro version which acts as a RetroArch […]

Banana Pi / Arch Linux / SNES emulation using RetroArch

Introduction This post is about getting RetroArch working on the Banana Pi running Arch Linux. I’m going to tell you, how to achieve a satisfying SNES emulation experience. The first attempt installing the retroarch package and trying to emulate the good old Super Mario World was disappointing. It was completely messed up as I had less […]

Banana Pi / Arch Linux / Accelerated Mali GPU

Introduction Achieving accelerated graphics on the Banana Pi was quite a challenge for me. Unfortunately it is not done completely just by installing xf86-video-fbturbo-git from the AUR as I had library issues with that package. So I decided to try the “hard way” building all the stuff on my own. Thanks to “WebReflection” who made a […]

Banana Pi and Arch Linux

After receiving my new Banana Pi to replace the well loved Raspberry Pi, it certainly was clear, I’m going to use Arch Linux, as this is my favorite distribution since the last five years. Installation So I downloaded the current ArchLinux_For_BananaPi_v2.0. At first I had some problems with my installation, which I guess are the result […]