Let’s encrypt! … and the current status

Dear readers,

Today I’d like to announce that this blog is available over HTTPS only from now on, since I’ve been whitelisted for the Beta Program of Let’s Encrypt. If you experience any problems using this website, please drop me a line in the comments or via mail/messenger. I really would like to thanks the Let’s Encrypt organization for their efforts in making the web a better place.

I know you’ve been waiting for too long to get updates on the customized distribution. Unfortunately upgrading the distro breaks hardware acceleration at the moment. I didn’t find the time to carefully analyze and resolve the issues.

Furthermore I received a Roseapple Pi unit. I’ll try to create a decent Arch Linux distribtion for this device as well, when I find the time. Thanks go to David Suen by the Roseapple Pi team.

Last but not least of course I’d like to thank you all for your support, for using my image and for giving me valuable feedback. It really means a lot to me that my work is appreciated by the community. Thank you!


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