The blog is back online

Hello guys,

as some of you may have noticed, this blog was offline for a few months. I had some issues while transferring the site to another hoster. Finally I could resolve them, but still some configuration is lacking here and there.

At the moment, this site is online for archive reasons. I’m not sure, if I will ever update the customized distribution as you will never be able to use the hardware acceleration with newer kernels. Furthermore the Banana Pi is EOL.

Hopefully I find the time to publish new useful content here. Until then many thanks for your support!

Let’s encrypt! … and the current status

Dear readers, Today I’d like to announce that this blog is available over HTTPS only from now on, since I’ve been whitelisted for the Beta Program of Let’s Encrypt. If you experience any problems using this website, please drop me a line in the comments or via mail/messenger. I really would like to thanks the […]

Banana Pi / Arch Linux / Customized Distribution

I was kindly asked if I could build a LXDE distribution based on Arch Linux in the forums. So I built a customized Arch Linux image which is based on the latest ArchLinux for BananaPi image version 1412 (kernel 3.4.103). The feedback was overwhelming: I received a lot of suggestions, constructive criticism and acknowledgement. If […]

Banana Pi / Arch Linux / Seafile

When experiencing some weird issues with OwnCloud (synchronization and performance problems), I decided to try an alternative. After some research, I found seafile which got my attention. Setup up the seafile server Unfortunately, I only found pre-built packages for x86, x64 and Raspberry Pi. I tried to build the seafile server on the BPi, but […]

Banana Pi / Arch Linux / libGLES Problems

When installing or removing packages via pacman/yaourt, I mostly got following issue: ldconfig: libraries and in directory /usr/lib have same soname but different type. ldconfig: libraries and in directory /usr/lib have same soname but different type. That is caused by a conflict between the libraries from mesa/mesa-libgl and the resulting libs […]

Banana Pi / Arch Linux / PSX emulation

Yes, it’s possible to emulate PSX games on the Banana Pi. Although there might be games, where you better use the original console, it seems that the BPi is able to run a lot of games surprisingly good using PCSX-ReARMed. Software You can build a PCSX standalone or libretro version which acts as a RetroArch […]